Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wintu Bands Geography

Wintu band areas- Map Published in DuBois- 1931 Wintu ethnography The Wintu Tribal band areas were described, at that time as being the Bald Hill, Keswick, Stillwater, French Gulch, Upper Trinity, Hayfork, Upper Scaramento River, and McCloud River.

These 1931 surviving Wintu that recollected pre-historical village- family locations relayed a incomplete list of Wintu Bands as some at that time had been entirely extinct from Gold Rush era massacres, dieseases, famine and conditions, and removal to reservations abroad. The prehistoric list of Wintu Bands are: Daunom, El Pom, Pui dal pom, Nom ti pom, Nom sus, Nor Muk, Wenamem, Wai muk, and the Pui su.

The correlation of prehistoric Wintu Band Names to historic (1931) era surviving Wintu band locations are: Bald Hill - Dau nom, Keswick- El Pom, Stillwater- Pui dal pom, French Gl.- Kl' bal pom, Upper Trinity- Nom sus, Hayfork- Nor Muk, Upper Sacramento River- Nom ti pom, and McCloud River.

As one can see the Pui sus, and Wai muk were not represented in the later 1931 list but I will attempt to outline those bands histories in a later post. The modern band correlations to prehistoric Wintu Bands are:

-Nom sus (Upper Trinity), Nor Muk (Hayfork) are today the Nor- Rel-Muk Nation

-Daunom, Elpom, Wenamem, Nomtipom, Klablpom all compose the Wintu Tribe of Northern California. Fmr. Toyon Wintu Tribe.

-United Bands- All Bands

- El pom- is now the El-Pom Keswick Rancheria

- Dau nom- Wintun of Cottonwood

- Wintu of Shasta- ?

- Wintu of Central Valley- ?

- Wenamem- WWO Winnemem Wintu Organization- Puisus- ???

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