Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing Terrifying Tracy Edwards

Hi my name is Terrifying Tracy Edwards. I am the mastermind behind the Redding Rancheria Disenrollments where 57 members of the Foreman Family were kicked out of the Tribe so I could get richer and my partner in crime Barbara Murphy could have her tummy tucked. I don't know shit about being Indian as I was never raised around my community or on the Rancheria. And as aresult don't care about all the Wintu people we defraud every day by the LIE that is Win River Casino.
At Redding Rancheria you don't HAVE to be an Inidian, we have enough money and power and influence you just have to FEEL Indian cuz when it comes to ripping of the Wintu it ain't hard to do, we just picked up where the white man left of and no-one has ever said anything about it.
I got to go to school with federal dollars and collect millions after getting my law degree to use to violate my members rights and establishing my phillanious tribal court to remove all that oppose me from the tribe, it wasn't long after I moved home that I figured out I don't even like indians, but I sure like my casino check. Screw the indian community.

Am I even Indian? You decide.

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