Thursday, May 8, 2008

CILS Involved in Fmr. Sen. Richard Pombo and the Jack Abrhamhoff Scandal

Fmr. Congressman Richard Pombo (R)

New, it seems that CILS has history of dealing with fraudulent Congressmen like Fmr. Congressmen Richard Pombo (R- CA) of Marin. Congressmen Pombo who was implicated in the Jack Abrhamoff illegal tribal contribution scandal in Washington DC, where millions of illegal tribal gaming revenue contributions were exposed after being bilked from tribes by the Federal government in return for cushy investment, development and lucrative gaming deals. Like the increase in gaming revenue sharing, there bye limiting tribal sovereignty, legislation that was supported by the pro-federal over site of Redding Rancheria, masked under Prop 1A, in 2000.
Later in 2004 Pombo was critical in unison with CILS in contributing California Indian Gaming Revenue Illegally taken from California distribution funds meant for dis-advantaged non-gaming California Indians to Washington DC and onto the floor on congress, where that year was passed the sweeping reformist bill, "The American Indian Probate Reform Act", which has proved to further complicate decade old litigations like Cobel, and done little to settle trust assets from small tribes like the Wintu. CILS herald this legislation as,
"Protecting our precious land has been among the highest priorities of CILS since our founding by California Indians nearly forty years ago"
CILS claims this as positive federal action in the name of California Indians as part of CILS pro-active work with tribes in this state. All while federal land sales of former Wintu Allotments Continue to this day.

From CILS's own website on 5/8/08, CILS tells of past dealings with the implicated US senator Richard Pombo (R) from the north bay area. The link here:

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