Saturday, June 21, 2008

2008 Wintu Elections

The 2008 Wintu Tribal Council Elections are here.

Are you wondering why the elders names you were hoping to be on your election ballot are not there? Do you wonder why the people on the ballot your grandmother tells you are all related in some way? Do you wonder why its the same names over and over running for the Toyon Wintu tribal council? Do you know any one that wasn't allowed into the Toyon Tribe in 2003? Have you recently revoked your own membership from the "Curl-Malone" led "Toyon/ Wintu Group" in the hopes that joining the United Bands with Val Bowsher would give it's Wintu members an honest election, finally after about 15 years ol illeagl Curl-Malone elections over at Toyon? United Bands are holding their first elections, and the Curl- Malone Faction is also holding their annual farse of an election currently.

In 2007, there were 12 seats for the Toyon Board, and only 14 candidates. 11 of which were direct Curl Descendants putting them at a mathmatically guarenteed position of at least controlling over next year, the votes of the Curl Malone "Toyon" tribal council. Controls that assure their control over the future stewardship of the land at Toyon, while leaving the members without recourse or effective oversite of the Curl-Malone Boards actions.

This Stop Wintu Fraud editor personally has voted for 3 persons in 2006 and 2 persons in 2007 in stead of the stipulated 12 on the ballott. The other persons appearing on the ballot are the indiviuals responsible for attepts at violations of Wintu member rights. As the members responsible for violating the members rights, these Curl-Malone descendants are perpetually on the ballot and it is their varied extended family by which they switch, in a calculated fashon long before the elections, as to whom will be on the board. These illegal activities, along with the violations of members rights enforced by the current council members cupled with the election committee members willingness to violate Wintu peoples rights, have all contributed to the fact that many many, and an ever increasing ammount of Wintu people are becoming exsposed to the illegal and unjust actions that are trying to be passed over on the Wintu members by the Curl-Malone Toyon board.

Sound illegal? It is. Even for a not for profit organization. But theye've gotten away with it at least since 2002 when the Curl Malone Board, headed by familiy matriarch Linda Malone, where after learning of the plans at drafting controls with CILS attourneys into the Toyon Constitution, that would also mathmatically hand the "Curl-Malone Family Voting Block" power over general membership votes, also in the future.

It was enough at that time (2003) for over 350 Wintu Persons trying to enroll in the Curl Malone Toyon "tribe", to revoke their enrollment and join United Bands and bolstered their roll, more than quadrupling it in one year to more that 400 Wintu persons. The United Bands are holding their elections right now under booming thunderstorms in the skies over Redding. Messages from our ancestors?

I hope that the elections official choose to illegally use the Women League of Voters identity, without their official approval, will reconsider their illeagl actions and that are currently perpetuating fraud against the Wintu membership.

Wintu members want an honest board to represent the Wintu Tribe, a board coonposed of a COMPLETE cross section of the ENTIRE tribe. And of honest members that will represnt the majorities best interests, not just single family groups, like what happened at Redding Rancheria! Not just split factions with small groups of members. We as Wintu members, no longer want to be de-frauded by seperate factions claiming to represnt the Tribe, while displaying personal traits that are not condusive to an effective Wintu leader. Wintu leaders that continue to hinder the needs of the many Wintu, for the insignifigant needs of the un-just few. And that play power games in an effort to emulate the realistically insignifigant power plays seen by the Curl Malone Toyon board.

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wiaasal said...

Thank you for sharing your blog. We believe that shared information will show all our people what is really going on in several tribal communities in Indian country.

Corruption must be stopped. It is only hurting Indian country as a whole.