Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SWF Exclusive- Caleen Sisk Comes Clean About WWO Membership Roster

In a recent exchange on Mark Franco's wrongly named "Journey To Justice" Blog Caleen Sisk, heir apperent to Flora Jones, admitted after facts were brought fourth that not only was Mark Franco the alleged "Wintu Headman" was NOT in fact a Wintu Indian by blood decent. This coming after 5 years of claiming the traditional Wintu title to non-indian media and press outlets. The claim of such title has been of concern to the stiffled Wintu members, threatened with disenrollment when voicing concerns to the tribal council, since its first use in the Redding Record Searchlight in 2005. One year AFTER the death of the last recognised doctor of the Wenamem passed, Flora Curl-Jones.

Here is a link to the comment lists where Caleen Sisk (WWO Leader) finally made the concessions, not only of Mr. Franco being non-Indian, and non-Wintu, but also that their membership also consists of non-Wintu persons. This fact has also long been percieved, but the issue was never brought fourth in the diolouge, nor has it been known before publicly that the Members also were not actully Wintu Indians.

Link to Sisk Statement Winnemem Memebers Not Actually Wintu Indian:

Caleen said...

... We did not "allow" Mark to call himself our "Headman", we appointed him to that position and gave him that title. We know that he is smart enough, knowledgeable enough, and trustworthy to represent our tribe in all meetings. You are the disrespectful one, slanderously stocking our tribe. It's almost like you are obsessed or you must be hired by the BIA to cause "trouble". Are you on the BIA payroll? Is that how you afford to follow our every move.

I agree that most of the "Wintu" are not associated with the Winnemem because they are not Winnemem and we are not the leaders of all Wintus. We are not leaders for you either. Some Winnemem are enrolled in other tribes like the Pitt River, Hupa, Maidu, Miwok, Pomo, Wintu Tribe, Norel Muk, etc... And they have their own leaders. The other bands of Wintu are doing what they need to do to lead and represent their people too...

12:51 AM September 2009

I would like to thank the Wintu elders for their encoragement in persuing injustice within the Wintu tribe and granting me the moral authority to take on this issue and see it to fruition.

- The Editor of Stop Wintu Fraud


Caleen said...

Oh Matt, what a silly, this headline is amusing. WWO is, as I told you before, the non-profit organization under the Winnemem Wintu Tribe (in a comment you didn't post). An organization can have all kinds of members. And, your link is wrong. Wow, what a SWF Exclusive, isn't that you posting that, are'nt you the editor and all comments are approved by you, the blog author. Is "NotInOurName" the Wintu elder, Gloria Gomes?

I know you are not approving all comments from Winnemem tribal members. You have some sort of double standard for the other comments that you did approve that attack and slander me and proclaim hate speechs.

Matt, you got nothing. I think you got the one causing fraud and it's you, the creating fraud! Thanking yourself because you are SWF and editor is pretty amusing too. There you go again, talking about yourself in the 3rd person.

Mark Franco is more Winnemem than you could ever possibly understand. Again, I say, we have the right to determine our own identity in accordance with our customs and traditions. But, of course it appears that you would not know about our customs and traditions, since you are not a Winnemem Wintu Tribal member. Mark has been our Headman for more than 5 years as he was appointed by Florence Jones. You should'nt be talking about our highly respected elder like you are.

Wintu members should not be "stiffled", because what the Winnemem's do, does not change anything that the Wintu's do. These are two separated tribes. No Winnemem's have never been disenrolled- so, what are you talking about? Good grief Matt are you actually reading the comments.

It is a fact that the Winnemem Wintu Tribe will continue on no matter what. We will protect our sacred sites, religion, culture, and traditions from you or anyone who tries to bring harm. Your actions are comparable to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, are you employed by them?

Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

The Editors of SWF do not want any more hate speech between members. But there have been accusations made by Ms. Sisk and her supporters that free speech is not being allowed. So we have chosen to publish this last bout of hate speech in an effort to allow Ms. Sisk free speech on SWF. We've been trying to get Ms. Sisk (and WWO supporters) to clean up their speech while using this web site.

Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

I'm going to try to say this for the third time to you Ms. Sisk. Stop
Wintu Fraud was created so Wintu people would be their own editors of
their own information. Thats mostly a reuslt of people like Ms. Sisk trying to
control everything Wintu.

As the editor (you, a wintu indian) are free to submit any article
you want, not just comment.

So long as it is free of hate speech. And hatred beween individual members.

Why do you try to use intimidation and slander other Wintu people?
We could post your comments going after gloria gomes and matt root,
but they would just make you appear to be more paranoid and out of
touch than you already do. Which I don't want to do really.

Please go back and re-write your comments in a non-confrontational
manner and they will be included. Also, if you are requiring Wintu
members to exspose their identities, the same should be done for the
folks supporting you with their hate speech.

What is your motive Caleen behond knowing who everyone is? So you can
slander them behind their backs by wrongfully telling your members
that entire family groups are not wintu, or howabout telling your
members who they can and cannot associate with? Seems you've left a
trail of disgruntled Wintu members operating the WWO the way you have.

You know I don't dislike you persoanlly Caleen, and I hope you don't
react to all of this that way. Its your leadership descisions, and the
direction of the WWO that are being called into question here. The
step to make things personal and trying to find out who everyone is,
and making some gross assumptions along the way has been your

The question is now what is it that you propose to do to these
members once you find out who they are? Picket in front of their home?
Have your members break into their homes? Find out where they work so
you can contact their employers? Find out there band so you can try to
slander them to their councils? Accusations of blood descent, you
think makes you appear more indian? Or more of a leader? Accusations
of being a BIA plant, now thats a joke!

You can say over and over we at SWF are editing your comments, but we
will not allow anymore hate speech from you or your supporters. And
let me finish by saying I am compeletely shocked that what elders have
pointed out about your personal and personality drawbacks seem to be
true. I figured that when you actually tried to step up and be a
leader you would've put the "trouble making" Caleen away and start a
new chapter of your life as a moral leader. Sadly it seems you are not
the correct one for leading the Wenamem Wintu Tribe.

At this point you are so erratic with off the wall accusations and
directing hate speech at several individual wintu members that are
aknowleged leaders, we are not allowing you to make yourself look
worse. Please try to write somthing that brings fourth your ideas in a
non-confrontational manner and it will be included on the website.

- The editors of stop wintu fraud

To make it easy for you I am not matt root, and I am not gloria gomes.
To date gloria gomes is NOT a contributor to this website. Make a note
of it.

Kayla said...

To the Editor(s)/Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member/Matt - I admire that you (all) are concerned about all bands of Wintu people. That's a good thing. I also hope you (all) post this. It isn't an attack. (One of mine before wasn't posted, but that was like a year ago. I was angry you (all) used a picture of my family. Thank you (all) for taking it down.)

My thought, on Mark -- he speaks Winnemem, looks Winnemem , dances Winnemem, sings Winnemem... Not Wintu necessarily, since Wintu has many different languages and peoples under it, that's like saying Chinese and not specifying Mandarin, Cantonese, etc... so the Wintu thing kind of matters most only in the eyes of the government. There is good things about that, and bad things about that. You talk most about the goods of recognitions I believe.

Back in the day, when the state was paying out bounties for heads, ears, scalps, and whatever else proof of Indian extermination, I think Mark would have passed for Winnemem, as well as Wintu probably too. I mean, they didn't really stop people and ask "Did you marry in? Oh wait, this one ain't one of them! Don't shoot/hold your axe/let go of the noose!" or "Wait, this one is only half. His mother is XYZ tribe (or even white). Don't send them to boarding school." That came later with Rancherias, Reservations, and imposed limitations on rights and services. After fragmentation of every tribal individual personally along with every tribal group.

"Wise men count blessings. Fools count problems."

Our families are our families. Nations recognize this, which is partly how citizenship works, not based in blood quantum. I think the BIA was on to something when they created "memberships" to exclusive Indian club-like tribes, organized around councils, and how best to profit off the land. We need to question this structure, and to whom it benefits.

Which, makes me think. Can I ask you a question? If all Wintu people were recognized under one tribal group, what would be the goals of that tribe? What would be the priorities? In an idealistic world, what would they accomplish?

Also, how do you see your blog as working towards these things? I know nothing is perfect, but what is tangible? And on the flipside, what do the different peoples stand to lose, being different peoples?

I realize tone isn't transferable on blogs really, understand that this isn't an attack, but something of an engagement in your discussion. I don't know you personally, you don't know me personally, so I have nothing to gain/lose.

Elders or no elders, I think a person works towards these things most honorably without anonymity however. In that regard, I admire Caleen and Mark for putting themselves out there in that way, locally, nationally, and internationally, to sacrifice, and to be willing to take the heat. Tsehdiya - I am glad/thankful. Any true tribal leader has to be able to do so, election or no election, recognition or no recognition.

Caleen said...

If it's not Matt Root, why do you all sign in under "Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member" who identified himself as Matt Root?

You think that what I wrote on this issue is hate speech? Yet, you didn't think what "NotInOurName" wrote three times was not "hate speech" or slanderous. That is amazingly selective discrimination you practice in your editing room.

Again, WWO is an organization! It's purpose is to assist the Winnemem Tribe. It does not have anything to do with the general "Wintu" people or any other Wintu tribal enitities.

The supporters you say are mine; are indeed Winnemem Wintu Tribal members who disagree with how you talk about the tribe, their leaders and elders on your blog. You are ones who have created this difference and free speech arena to field their comments.

Why do I want to know who you are? Well, seems like it's only fair since, you know who I am and where I live, (because I am not hiding behind some fake email name) that I and other readers should know who you are, and to give some credibility to what you write. So why is it a big deal if I know who is writing for you. Some of the things mentioned in some postings are things that Gloria Gomes would say, and I know because she has tried to say stuff like that before. Is she one of the editors, or is it all second hand from her to you. I think you should post my comments "going after Gloria and Matt", it could clear up some misleading notion that it is hate speech.

It seems the purpose of this blog is meant to be confrontational, slanderous, and full of hate speech. It is not based on any "truth" and there seems to be no effort to find out the truth. It seems to be all "sources say" and "I heard" kind of like the Enquirer.

It's hard to answer in a "non-confrontional" way when the way you talk about all the leaders, puts everyone on the defense with all the lies and hate for the public to read. However, you make an acception for Gloria and Matt. Are they your model "Wintu Leaders"? It apparently is not a blog that is looking to unite all the "Wintu" when you beat up all all the leaders.

Sounds like you are pretty scared about reveiling who you are because of some sort of notion that something will happen to you. Umm, "picketing" in front of Gloria's home was done when she would not return Wintu tribal papers and it was done by her own "Wintu Tribal" members and council. Umm, should I be concerned that SWF will do all those things you listed to me or other Winnemem Tribal members for disagreeing with this blog? Just to relieve your mind, members of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe have a proud tradition and would not lower ourselves to such cowardly actions.

Stop being confrontational, if you want "non-confrontional" postings. You have an odd way of trying not to make me "look bad", that is laughable. You kidding, of course I know you hate me. Have you read your own blog? I think you just don't want me to defend my tribe to the public.

Caleen said...

Just so you know, I am not a member of the Wintu or SWF. I am Winnemem!

So, are you "NotInOurName"? Are you Gloria Gomes son, John Castro?

"SWF is created so Wintu people would be their own editors of their own information", wow, I guess there are a lot of editors? How does that work exactly, when you are in total control to approve all comments as the blog author? You know, I have to say, you write and spell just like Matt Root and you are using his email name, "Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member". Why is that?.

My motive is to have you "STOP" slandering, lying, and be littling us. The Winnemem Wintu Tribal members have the right to manifest, practise, develop and teach our spiritual and religious traditions, customs and ceremonies; the right to maintain, protect, and have access in privacy our religious and cultural sites; we have the right to use and control our ceremonial objects; we have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations our histories, language, oral traditions, philosophies, writing systems and to desinate and retain our own names for communities, places and persons. We have the right to self-determination, autonomy and self-government and to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of our rights, in particular that are based on our origin or identity.

Such actions which has the aim or effect of depriving us of our integrity and cultural values, as the distinct Winnemem Wintu Tribe, in any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination we shall meet.

If you only want what is good for the WINTU, and I only want what is good for the WINNEMEM, then take us off your blog and then as a standard of achievement, we will in separate arenas pursue in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect the things we want for our peoples.

Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

Linguistically Kayla the Winnemem speak the Wintu Branch of the Peuntian language Family.

All 9 bands of prehistoric wintu including the McCloud River Wintu (my family included) spoke the same dialect of Northern Wintu. With slight variances. Theres an article on SWF on wintu linguistics, and another good one on SWF about lingistic groups and the Walakki (athabascan like Natinixwe).

Any other information given to you by Caleen that the Wintu groups spoke different languages is entirely false. There is a plethora of information reguarding this well known fact. There will be a new post on this very topic soon.

Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

* Just a note The link to the Sisk statement is now broken because Mark Franco disabled the comments section of his blogg where these comments were found.

Mark Franco has taken a disgusting turn in his rhetoric on his website today asking Wintu members to "take it to the streets". Considering our tribal past in the not so distant past (but before the Sisk-Frnaco Days) SWF asks Wintu members to not play into Sisk- Franco's hate scheme where Winnemem people are divided from the rest of the Wintu people.

The will come the day when all Wintu will all have the chance to voice our concerns about the tribe without being threatened by those claiming to lead us. Without being threatened or told who to vote for, who to follow, who is Wintu, what our culture is, what our lineages are, or have our lineages used to harm us, and without being misrepresented by people that are NOT EVEN WINTU.

In an email to stop wintu fraud dated 9/11/09 from one "McCloud River Wintu Elder", the enrolled tribal members stated that Caleen Sisk is in fact a former member of the Pit River Tribe.


Caleen said...

Is your McCloud River Wintu Elder, Gloria Gomes? Could you send me that email that you are quoting from? Would you admit that Gloria Gomes is contributing now?

Your elder talks like being a Pit River tribal member is a bad thing. Well, I would be proud to be a member of the Pit River Tribe, but I have never had the honor of being on their tribal rolls. You editors should check these thing out, you know, search for the truth. And even if I was on the Pit River tribal rolls, there is no law that says you cannot reliquish a tribal membership and join another. But, then why would I do that, since the Pit River Tribe is already recognized. If I were you, I would not start jabbing at the Pit River Tribe.

Tribal people change tribes all the time, usually because the per cap it higher.

You should think twice about what your so called "elder" or just "old" senior gives you as the facts. If it's Gloria, well she didn't come back here until about 1984, she did'nt get to know a lot about Winnemem growing up the way I did.

So, apparently you have not addressed my request that you remove the Winnemem Wintu Tribe off your blog. Why not? We are not your leaders, let it go.

The Winnemem Wintu Tribe is divided from the rest of the Wintu already by historic patterns and maps. We have separate sacred sites, watersheds, mountains, rivers, songs, place of origin, stories, and people. We have respect for other Wintus who take care of their sacred sites, just as the Norel Muk are doing. We should all take care of our cultures, traditions and sacred sites; those are the lifeways that make us Winnemem, Norel Muk,or Dau Pom, etc... It's that beautiful!

Hey, I thought you said you are EL Pom from the proud families in Keswick, yes you did posted that, now you say you are Winnemem? You must be El Pom because our young Winnemem men are our protectors and providers, not at the base working toward our destruction.

Kayla said...

RE: language.

Ok, yep. I can understand that. Wintu is in the Penutian family, and that Winnemem is a branch of Wintu. I'm a linguist, or rather, I'll be completing a degree in linguistics this year, hence my tendency to bring everything back to language. Its what's on my brain.

However, I think what you mean to say, is that the 9 branches/bands speak the same language, but also different dialects? Hence slight differences?

Beyond dialects, slight differences get down to individual and familial social markings like social status, class, gender, individual idiosyncrasy... speech impediments... what have you... It also might be that the articles you mentioned were written when linguistics was first branching off from anthropology and not a full-fledged field on its own.

About Caleen - No, she didn't tell me branches of Wintu people speak different languages, and I didn't think I said that she did at any point. Mark didn't either for that matter. That's a rather large assumption.

I'll admit I made an assumption as well regarding my word choice - my analogy was good, (Mandarin, Cantonese, etc. being different dialects of Chinese) my word choice was bad. I didn't think you would know what dialect meant.

In the field though, there are lumpers and splitters, as well as the saying that the difference between a language and a dialect is an army and I suppose, a cultural attitude...

Funny, I am imagining all romance language speaking countries wanting to unite as Latin. Not quite the same situation, but funny to think about nonetheless.

You mention Na:tinixwe, Hoopa Valley People. There were also Whilkitxwe, Tsnungxwe... All in all, I tend to be more of a lumper, and say they are all the same language, different dialects, though dialect boundaries are hard to pinpoint... Sometimes I think Hupas seem to be unable to keep it together village to village, family to family sometimes, though everybody loves to pick on Redwood Creek people for anything and everything that is different. :)

At the same time I wouldn't say Wailaki's or Tolowa's are the same as Hupa (a Yurok word for Hoopa Valley People), though I heard a person discuss ALL Pacific Northwest Coast Athabaskan languages as dialects before at an Athabaskan Language Conference. Really, I'm ok with either, and just happy when people are interested in working with language period.

So, I'd have to say that I don't speak or have really studied any variety of Wintu intensely. I'd like to. I have a dictionary handy somewhere, and am trying to get a hold of a copy of a Winnemem dictionary a German linguist worked on. That's all. That, and I think that the cultural attitudes different bands have towards each other are pretty interesting.

I really wish there were more complete dictionaries and documentation out there for all California languages, and more people interested! In that regard, I look forward to your blog and something more positively written.

Also, about the Penutian family - just an interesting tidbit - there are theories of branches extending surprisingly far on into Mexico. I heard linguist James Fox talk one time about linkages to the Yucatan, both through contact and shared heritage. He works most with Mayan. I find that pretty interesting, and would like to look at whether methods in anthropology and archaeology were used alongside the historical linguistic work.

NotInOurName said...

It is ultimately the Creator who selects a “spiritual leader” or “doctor.” It is the responsibility of the Indian spiritual elders to recognize who the individual is and promote the training. The training begins at birth. That individual must maintain a certain spiritual dignity and balance throughout their lives because they are used as a vehicle by the Creator. They must look at the world spiritually, not politically.
Does Caleen fit these criteria? Hardly. Look at the evidence.
- What true spiritual leader resorts to arguing and name-calling on the Internet? Just read some of her entries in Stop Wintu Fraud. Ever seen such a thing?
-The Redding Searchlight newspaper reported she and her followers operated a charter school that the State of California had to close due to embezzled funds. Plus, the accountant’s name was forged on the school’s annual financial statement.
-A few years ago, it was reported by another Winnemem group holding their ceremonies at Coonrod Flat by Mt. Shasta that they found Caleen face down on the ground, hiding behind a tree at 1:00 AM in the morning, in the pitch dark! What is a spiritual leader/doctor doing in the dark hiding behind a tree? The elders used to say only evil things sneak and crawl around in the dark at night. Certainly no good spiritual activity is done while hiding behind a tree watching people in the dark. When discovered, Caleen is quoted as saying: “Get off my land!” Now, can you imagine Florence Jones ever doing and saying such a thing?!!
-Florence Jones used to surround herself with people from all tribes, from all over the world. Many, many people came and visited her at the ranch and at ceremonies. Caleen, on the other hand, has driven off all these people. Now only “accepted” people who agree with her titles are allowed into her closed ceremonies; especially if they have influence or money. Florence’s ceremonies of healing for all people have been turned into Sisk-Franco Tribe political events.
Most of all, Caleen has to come clean with the Winnemem Wintu people about the history of her sexual preference and what Florence stated about becoming a doctor. Normally this is a private matter and should be respected. However, Florence had stated in the past that this was one of the reasons that prevented Caleen from becoming a spiritual doctor. It creates a spiritual imbalance in someone who is charged with healing people. Caleen is claiming she was trained by Florence and “chosen by the Creator” and is now a spiritual leader/doctor. But she will not discuss the contradiction here. One of these two is lying. Who do you think it is?
We need to think deeply about this. If Caleen is who she claims to be, Florence Jones would have settled this a long time ago and there would be no controversy among the Winnemem people today. Instead, Caleen runs her tribe like a cult and is hateful and revengeful to those who refuse to acknowledge her position…further evidence that she is, and always was, a political person, not a spiritual person. If she was spiritual, she would think of all the Winnemem people, and everything would not be about giving glory to herself. All Winnemem would be welcome in her tribe, and there would be no requirements to pay homage to her and her husband.
Finally, NotInOurName is not Gloria Gomes. As if there are not plenty of other Wintu in the local Redding area who are fed up with Caleen’s lies. We are tired of sitting here quietly while right outside town someone is destroying our culture and good name.
If Stop Wintu Fraud chooses not to print this message feeling it is hateful, that is fine. We feel these things must be said in order to reveal the truth. We will continue to fight injustice and expose these people using another avenue. We thank you for giving us the space you have.

NotInOurName said...

We encourage readers to send links to this blog to everyone: family, friends, government agencies,state senators and assemblypersons, representatives and US senators. Let everyone see for themselves how the great and holy Sisk-Franco spiritual leader really behaves.

Kayla said...

Ok. I think this is my last post. I haven't seen my other one come up yet, but if only the editor(s) read this one, that's fine with me.

Another question - what would be the point of that? In sending the blog out? What would that accomplish really? It shows that the bands are far from the Editor(')s(') goal of uniting his/their related peoples, and only hardens those lines with bitterness. Everyone looks in the end, like bitter acorns. If I were a senator, I'd say "Well, there go those Indians again. So messed up. Indians will be Indians."

Politicians and many non-Indian people for that matter are even bigger lumpers than any anthro or linguist, hence all the problems people have in dealing with the government's one size fits all kind of attitude, and stereotypes all Indians have to deal with. If that's your intended audience for this blog, I think you have some work to do in cleaning it up to accomplish your intended goals. I say keep caring, but really think about this.

I also think, as a relatively objective observer***, that what you think might help you for whatever reasons or motives you have, ultimately, hurts you, in this regard. And besides - they ( the majority of non-Indians) don't really care who is and isn't a true spiritual leader, who is and isn't a true adherent to tradition, who really has been around longer, who really isn't around anymore, or what that even means. They have no real stake in it, can't recognize it, and have pretty much nothing in their background to encourage it.

Maybe I am racist in my thinking about that, but eh... I'll stand by it. I know plenty of non-Indians that know more and care more than some enrolled people too, but I wouldn't say they are the average. I think they would think that about themselves too.

So again, my question rephrased -- what does the blog accomplish, if not insult people personally, without accountability on the part of the Editor(s)? And what can you do to accomplish your goals of uniting peoples, if indeed that is your goal?

One last thought - the crawling/rolling around at night comment... :) To Not in My Name/Our Name -- don't be too afraid of the dark. Night time is when some of the most powerful medicine can happen in ceremony, and why many ceremonies go all night and stop at daylight. The real boogie men of NorCal peoples can't stand to be around other people, truly live alone, and are shunned by all, wild men if you will. And usually men at that too. I can't recall any women, at least in my tribe, but plenty of old coyotes! And plenty of women doctors.

If that's what you believe though or perhaps have experience otherwise, I probably wouldn't try to insult them much though. Can't have it both ways, but that's just me. :)

***Studies have proven that there is no such thing, everything has cause and effect, something we recognize with "what goes around comes around," the spirit beings takes care of all things. I figure they don't need a blog to do that. I instead try to recognize any blessings presented to me, and try help the people I think need it most, praying for all.

Hay kiwinya'nya:n no'olchwindin no'olchwin-te' - may all Indian people grow old in a good way/mature/grow spiritually to the extent that they can and were meant to.

Caleen said...

Why does SWF allow "NotInOurName" to continue to post such slanderous personal attacks? Where is that fine team of editors? Who is “NotInOurName”? And what does that mean? Not in whose name? I am sure that I have nothing in common with that person and I am sure my life is none of their business. Nothing I do is in their name. So don’t hate! Be your own best leader!
I am very concerned about a couple of your lies. Seem like you are trying to say that Florence Jones thinks that lesbians are imbalanced people? You’re trying to say that she thought they were flawed, like they are less than a “decent person” somehow. And you are implying that even the Creator told you that being lesbian “creates a spiritual imbalance in someone who is charged with healing people” therefore no lesbians could be spiritual? Wow! You have a little bitty mind set and it is very hateful. So what you are saying is that “sexual preference” makes a difference to the Creator, so lesbians would not be able to become doctors or healers no matter how gifted they might be? But a hero sexual whore could? Now, I am trying to understand your complaint and reasoning, but I just don’t know where you got such information, it certainly was not from Florence Jones. Florence Jones never stated such a prejudice discriminatory hateful statement in her life. Do you really think that the Creator and the spiritual world would say, “Wait, umm let’s see what the sexual preference of this baby is going to be. Oops, this one can’t be trained because it’s going to be gay or a lesbian”. It is foolish of you to believe that “sexual preference” means anything at all to the spiritual world or prevents one from becoming a good person, caring about others (including all your relatives) or being trained to be a strong Indian doctor.
Watch the film “In Light of Reverence”, Florence states in that film that she is “passing down everything to her great niece, Caleen Sisk-Franco”. Florence did settle this a long time ago. This film took 10 years to make and it was released in 2000.
The Winnemem Wintu Tribe has the right to practice and revitalize our cultural traditions and customs. This includes the right to maintain, protect and develop the past, present and future manifestations of our culture. The Winnemem Wintu Tribe is free and equal to all other people and we have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of our rights, in particular that based on our Winnemem Wintu Tribal identity.
There is no good reason for you to keep us up on your blog. Our way of life is our way, not yours! You are not enrolled with our tribe! Take us off your blog!!!! Stop harassing us!! This blog is all about “DISCRIMINATION”.