Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Redding Rancheria Announces Win River Casino Exspantion

Redding Rancheria Announces Win-River Casino Expansion

Opened 19 years ago Redding Rancheria's Win-River casino in redding, ca is set to undergo a 90- million dollar expansion despite the fact that the neighboring Wintu Tribe by which they claim some decendancy, goes landless, ans without state regulated, and guaranteed, gaming revenue distribution to non-gaming tribes, as enacted by prop 1-A in 1990 when the rancheria was on of 50 tribes to first start gaming under lucrative gaming compacts with former state governor Pete Wilson. compacts that supposedly guaranteed landless and non-gaming tribes like the wintu would get at least some monetary contributions for self governance and self regulation.

the eight story 175 room hotel planned to be built by 2010 isnt even enough to house the homeless wintu Indians in the greater redding area. And this expansion is only five years after a 32 million dollar exspansion of the current casino that is being partially torn down because of land restraints. The redding rancheria lies on just 28 acres nest to the ACID canal in south redding on highway 273. The tribe is currently going thru the CEQA process to assure that they are not destroying the wintu tribe's archaeological sites the rancheria (composed of mostly pit river Indians from east of the redding area), the state of California has declared a wintu tribal member the Most Likely Descendant of the archaeological site under the redding Rancheria, as the site is "most likely of wintu origin" and the redding rancheria is not a prehistoric Indian group or tribe.

2000 slot machines to the Nomlakki's 773(Rolling Hills casino in Corning, Ca) machines. And a new hotel and event center to put them in competition withe the central wintun for Interstate 5 tourists that wonder where our tribes ever even came from.

When will voters, legislators and our own cousins stop turning a blind eye to the needs of their own people? Could establishing a housing community for the Wintu people really cost all that much. Certainly not 90 million dollars.

And Barbara Murphy, the best investment in life is on you future. The children, what legacy will you and Tracy Edwards leave for the next generation, what stigma's will you leave them as well?

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