Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sisk, WWO Denied Forest Service Permit To Land Use After Late Spiritual Leaders Death

Caleen Sisk, sole leader of the new ago WWO not for profit org. tried in 2004 to attain a permit meant for the late Wintu Medicine Woman Flora Curl- Jones.

In the 1970's the late Flora Jones, Toyon Wintu Tribal member and elder committee member, received a special use permit from the united states forest service to utilise one acre of land wherever she travelled thru the Shasta trinity national forests for traditional wintu doctoring practices.

In 2003 shortly after Jones's death, Sisk tried unsuccessfully to get the forest service to give her the permit that was given to Flora Jones. The forest service of course said no, but caleen still claims that timber company and the Fed's still agreed to extend her rights on her website time line seen here:

Caleen has been critical of forest service forestry techniques on the McCloud Watershed when identifying obscure archaeological sites as reasons to limit forestry practices, and asked for the bureau of reclamation to change flows form Shasta dam, a huge water reservoir in the CVP, for a ceremony for her daughter and the individual group the WWO on the McCloud arm of Shasta lake. all of this of course took place without the prior knowledge to the wintu people or the wintu tribal council.
Also after trying and failing to not only have the WWO written into the new Wintu Tribe constitution in 2003, Sisk also tried, and failed, to take over stewardship of the former federal land at Toyon/ Wintu center for her own use as sole leader of the WWO (the not for profit winnemem wintu org.), an effort that was thwarted by wintu tribal members in the 2003 elections of the Wintu Tribe. The Wintu Tribe at that time voted out the ordinances recognising ms. Sisk and her link thru Ms. Linda Malone to the now defunct toyon-wintu board headed by the likewise fraudulent Curl- Malone Board for the last three decades.
Sisk continues to fraudulently represent to state and federal agencies the ongoing claim to former individual Indian land allotments beneath lake shasta that are both not wenamem wintu, nor ever under the control of her ancestors. The ancestry of the alottee's beneath the lake are both diverse and representative of the varied backgrounds implied by the intermarriage of wintu poeple from more than one wintu band throughout the proto-historical era.A fact as evidenced by the total extinction of several other northern wintu bands.

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