Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wintu Tribe- No Land? So Whats Up With Win- River Casino in Redding, Ca Then?

Win River Casino - Redding, California

Win River Casino opertated since 1990 by the Redding Rancheria a federally established rancheria consisting of the descendants of three shasta county tribes. Wintu, Pit River, Yana. The Rancheria was established by the BIA in 1922 along Clear Creek in south Redding For Homless Indians Living on the streets of Redding. These original inhabitants with the diverse lineage, ammounted to 17 individuals when the tribe was terminated by an act of the federal government (see wheeler-howard termination) in 1959.

The Redding Rancheria and its members were not recognised by the federal government (BIA) from 1959 until 1983 when a single Pomo woman took her case to the supreme court (Hardwick vs. Interior), where the judge ruled 18 small terminated rancheria's would be re-instated, and the modern rancheria's growth began.

Unfortunately the Redding Rancheria failed to assist the Wintu Tribe after beginning Win River casino bingo and has gone on to lucritive buisnesses and land aquisitions of Traditional Wintu Lands without comment, or inclusion of the Wintu Tribe. Buisnesses like the Redding rancheria Ecocomic development Corp. (RREDCO), A Hilton Hotel (built directly on a wintu village site in desreguard for wintu history or current religious pracititioners), and the new 90 million dollar Casino exspantion, millions in gaming revenue shared with the state of california, and still the Wintu Tribe remains landless, Toyon Closed, and the Wintu members without even adequate housing to meet the need of tribal members.

Win River Casino Grows, Wintu Tribe Still Homeless


Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

I heard a lot of people at redding rancheria are pit river anyways.

Enrollen Wintu Tribal Member said...

Jack Potter and the Towendolly Kid are the only wintu left on the Redding Rancheria roll, the only 11- 13 Yana left on the planet are there too, that leaves 115 or so of the 128 members left after the tribal council kicked out 57 members of the foreman-maslin family in 2004. Maybe 12 or 15 are Wintu indians at Redding Rancheria. These 128 total members are descendants of the origina 17 members of the Redding rancheria terminated in 1959 and reorganised in 1983.

Only 2 families of the original redding rancheria are of wintu descent, and no indian can be enrolled in two tribes,

alhtough it seems there are several Pit River tribal members that are recieving both gaming revenue from redding rancheria and the Pit River tribe in Burney, california.

One story of Pit River Indians being moved to redding rancheria in the last 15 years includes Lowerna Barnes-Miles-Butler, a Pit River elder that was mocved from pit river housing in Alturas to the redding rancheria.

The entire tribal council of the Redding Rancheria is comprised of pit river descenats that are both not living in their traditional territory. nor are they respecting the rights to monetary, and community funding from the gaming operation at Win River Casino.