Saturday, January 10, 2009

Redding Rancheria Health Clinic

(photo) Redding Rancheria Health Clinic located in Redding, Ca.

Originally started by the late Redding Rancheria Chairman Bob Foreman (matriarch of the now disenrolled Forman family) at the former facilities located in Anderson, Ca, and intended for all Native Americans within its service area, the Redding Rancheria has seen economic development not only rip-apart the local native communities with its rapid "mafia style" gaming operation at Win- River Casino, but the mis-use of the federal IHS facility in Redding, Ca.

In 2003 the Redding Rancheria Tribal Council and its enrollment committee members and later its lawyers and tribal court, chose to Dis-enroll, and to uphold in their Court, the disenrollment, of 57 members of the Foreman family (Pit River) from the Redding Rancheria Tribe. This act of the Foreman Families civil rights charicterises the way in which the Redding Rancheria Tribe and Tribal Council today continues to operate the facility located on Churn Creek Road in Enterprise, Ca, in Wintu territory. In the last couple years several times the Redding Rancheria Health Clinic with direction from the RR Tribal Council has reduced both the size of the members serviced at the health facility, and the services offered have been reduced.

Despite a Win River Casino $90 Million dollar expansion currently slated for the Gaming Facility at the Redding Rancheria, which is wrongly named, Win-River Casino, whereas no actual monetary assets from this gaming facility are being used to benefit the larger Wintu people/ Tribe(s). Despite the Wintu Tribe having a larger population, at some 650 non-federalized Indians in two northern California Counties and are also denied non-gaming distributions to tribes guaranteed by state law passed in 1990. The RR Health Clinic and the RR Tribe have come up with some clever ways in which to deny local Indians health service and to reduce the number of Local Indians especially, that are on their service rolls.

In 2006, members of the IHS facility at RR were sent letter notification that they must be seen at the facility at least once a year. After that in 2007 were sent notification that the switch to CHS had required local Indians to be seen at the facility in 6 month intervals. The remedy of breaching the new requirements which, was not to schedule patients on their new scale. But to remove those members that did not meet the criteria from service lists, and the computer databases there. A possible breech of Legal Requirements for Health Facilities "Ditching" patients health records without notice. And a possible violation of CFR statutes to Heath Services for Native Americans.

The RR Health Clinic had 3479 registered Indian patients in 2007.

While the local native population by the 2000 census in over 8000. Just for Shasta County and not the extended service are of the RR Health Clinic that included eastern Trinity County as well.

Terrifying Tracy Edwards the legal master-mind behind the Redding Rancheria Constitution Amendments and the fourth coming disenrollments, says here on the RR health clinic web-site, of her "commitment to protect... the rights of Indian People" :

"One of the greatest honors in my life is having served as the Chairperson to the Redding Rancheria for 4 years. It has made me a stronger person, but more importantly, it has reinforced in me the importance of our Tribal government and the people that we serve. It has impressed upon me that the decisions the Tribal Council makes have very strong implications for not only the Tribal members today, but the Tribal members 7 generations from now. The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government is committed to protecting Tribal laws & the rights of Indian people."

Tracy Edwards, Tribal CEO.

I guess after never being raised on the RR or ever living on the Redding Rancheria or around any of your supposed "Indian community", Carol Goldberg, your legal surrogate, never taught Terrifying Tracy Edwards at UCLA School of Law what exactly constituted a Civil Rights Violation, or much of anything about the implications of the ICRA of 1968!

"I believe that we can't be whole without knowing who we are as Indian people. Many of us have lost our Native languages, but we still move forward and practice the spirituality that we know. All the medicine in the world can't make you healthy if your spirit isn't whole."
Barbara Murphy, Tribal Chairperson.

Well Barb. Your heiress, you should know all about not feeling whole spiritually. You all down at Rancheria never had any spirituality as a homeless group of out of town Indians created by the Federal Government in 1922. Your Not Wintu! And now you try with your fellon brother James Hayward (Pit River- enrolled at Redding Rancheria) following Mickey (who was enrolled pit river by the way) practicing your "gaming religion" in Wintu territory, and trying to get all spiritual. HA! Yur millionaires and all your hollow culture down at Rancheria will ever be is and was an afterthought to the lies you perpetuate in the Redding Community about the Wintu people and the Actual Indian Community, something Bob Foreman was able to over come and do things for everyone, but clearly you do not. Including at the clinic. Why is that? Oh that's right, because you and Tracy were NEVER a PART OF THE INDIAN COMMUNITY HERE! Go Back to BRITISH COLUMBIA!