Thursday, August 15, 2013

Redding Rancheria Hands Out More Gaming $, Wintu Tribe Again Not Among Recipients

Redding Rancheria is required by state law to distribute monies into the local non-indian community in an effort to offset the negative effects of Indian Gaming. Nothing in the law protects the Indian people around the Redding area from these same negative effects.

Redding Rancheria kicked out (disenrolled) the Foreman Family in 2004.

Redding Rancheria again uses monetary donations to coerce local non-Indian groups, while doing nothing for the Wintu Tribe or its members. While Toyon remains closed, and many Wintu remain homeless and without housing and a critical landbase.

The list of June 2013 contributions byand amounts in USD $:

Anderson Fire- $10,000
Millville Fire $10,000
City of Anderson $5450
Coffee Creek Fire $1500
Cottonwood Fire $5799
Empire Rehab $5000
Hat Creek Fire $8500
Hooves for Humanity $1000
Intermountain Health $2353
Lewiston CSD $1900
KIXE $4500
Vets Support Group $8000
Catholic Social Services $4000
Piano Angels $2500
YMCA $4500
Shasta Fire $5131
Roller Hockey $2685
Special Olympics Inc $1200
United Way $5000
Watershed Center $2400
Little League Baseball $2602

Redding Rancheria contributions FY 2013 to date total more than $94,000 and $2,055,700 total since the inception of the Fund.

How many houses could be built for elders at Toyon with $2 million dollars, with an average of $50,000 per single senior unit?

The answer is 40+ homes.

Why do the people at Redding Rancheria refuse to help Wintu People? At least 2 grants for Wintu Community Projects were denied by Redding Rancheria in Fiscal Year 2013.

SWF is calling on community leaders to not accept Blood Money, or return monies from Win-River Casino thru Redding Rancheria, until the leaders of Redding Rancheria do the right thing and assist their own Wintu People first.

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Betty Becker said...

i completely agree they are being way to greedy i am homeless and native but im not apart of the wintu tribe. but i see more tribal people homeless than anyone else in redding why isnt anyone helping them???